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Ky Leggiero

I’ve decided to start going by Ky!

This is a decision that I’ve been considering since 2010. Way back then, I was just discovering my gender and sexuality. I tried out a new identity as a trans girl, using the name Kyli. I lived, closeted in that identity for many years, until very recently in fact. One of the reasons I never came out as Kyli is because, though it felt right, it didn’t feel… me.

Funnily enough, a year or so before that, somehow my partner’s phone had renamed my contact from “Kyli” to “Ky”. We laughed it off at the time, but it sat in the back of my head until around mid-2020 coming out as Non-Binary, when I started considering my name again. I decided to try using “Ky” instead of “Kyli”.

And now it’s been about a year, I’ve been going by Ky with my close friends. It feels… really right, to me. I’m still fine going by Ben with those who know me as Ben, but from today on, I’ll be introducing myself as Ky. What better month to come out, too? 😉