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Training bras

Okay, I promise I have plenty of stuff I’m wanting to blog about that’s not related to my gender adventures, but this is just something that’s been nagging me recently.

Let’s define “Training Bra”

Traditionally, we in the USA give young girls training bras. Why? Well that’s a whole thing, but here’s my takeaway:

  1. So they is familiar with the feeling of having a bra on and how to position & adjust it properly, and so it isn’t so weird by the time they needs it for support
  2. To provide padding to protect their growing breast buds
  3. Social status among other kids; fashion

Alright, sounds pretty reasonable. Gotta get used to it anyway and it has some utility in the meantime, and you might as well enjoy how it looks while you gotta wear it.

While I describe this, though, it reminds me of… well, me. I’ve been taking hormones so I can grow boobs since last May. And that’s going well! I don’t yet have anything that needs support, but I’ve measured myself at a 32B cup already! As such, I need to wear a bra when I go out, to protect my sensitive still-growing chest, and so I’m used to wearing it by the time I need the support. I also enjoy the social value, chatting about bras and other boob stuff with my fellow trans friends.

Huh. Now, doesn’t that sound familiar? I wear training bras! They offer no support nor shaping, either. The only difference is that they’re big enough for me, a 30-year-old, to wear comfortably.

This feels obvious. I started growing breasts as a 29-year-old. For the same reason young girls need training bras, so do I!

Strangely, some people don’t seem to understand this. They say that, since I’m an adult, I’m just wearing a bra or bralette. They say that I can’t be wearing a training bra because I’m not a young girl. This is so silly to me and my friends! Of course I am wearing training bras - they’re bras worn for the purpose of training!

I ain’t even got anything more to say. It just feels so obvious that my 32Bs need a non-supportive bra, that anyone who thinks different just looks silly to me.

Love y’all 💜 trans rights 🏳️‍⚧️