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Inclusivity Pride Flags

There's a lot of divisions in the Gender, Sexual, & Romantic Minorities (GSRM) community. Some folks have used flags to call out these divisions to begin addressing them.

Training bras

Okay, I promise I have plenty of stuff I’m wanting to blog about that’s not related to my gender adventures, but this is just something that’s been nagging me recently.


Pronouns! For when you want to talk about someone without using their name over and over. Being trans, I’ve thought about and experienced a lot of very interesting things about pronouns over the years. Turns out, they’re both simpler and more complex than they seem.


That’s the umbrella over my gender! This is a discovery that elates me! It brings me such joy, to know that this is how God made me. Ironic, isn’t it? “But you’re a programmer; you love binary!” 😝


From the Wright brothers’ first flight in Kitty Hawk, until Neil Armstrong’s first footstep on the moon, it had been just over 65 and a half years. At the time of writing, we have just over 16 and a half years until 2035-02-28. At that point, it will have been even longer than that since Neil Armstrong stepped foot on the moon. I hope that since then we will have been back to the moon in earnest.

YouTube Queues

YouTube loves the idea of keeping me watching an endless stream of videos… and yet I cannot say which ones. Unless I’m casting, then I can queue up the next one. And I like that! I like having an ad-hoc list of videos I wanna watch play automatically. Why not just let me do that on my phone and desktop? 😕

Objective-C was

Objective-C has passed on. This language is no more. It has ceased to be. This is an ex-language.

Must-Have Apps (Fall 2018)

I have a bunch of apps that I absolutely love, without which my digital life wouldn't be the same. I figured I'd let y'all know about them!

iPad & Mac

I’ve been thinking a lot about the dynamic between iPad® and Mac®. There’s a gap there which has been filling, getting smaller and smaller every year.

Phone Preferences

People often ask me why I am using a Samsung Galaxy S7, a phone from 2 and a half years ago, despite me being such a tech enthusiast and macOS Software Engineer.

Hello World

I’ve decided to create a blog. Like, a bloggy blog. No idea how long this will last or if I’ll stick to it, but I figure it’s best to at least have it in case I want to use it.